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Ok, can we just talk about how cute my parents are?!

If there is one couple that inspires me to love everyday, it’s these two. Want to know why?

They have known each other since kindergarten. Yep, you read that right. Kindergarten.

Here’s the story:  They grew up in a small town in the middle of North Dakota and met when they first started school. They had the same classes, knew the same people, but never connected until they were in late high school.

In fact, we always joke about my mom’s first car. Her dad was going to buy her a brand new Cougar for her first car, but she said “No,I don’t want that! Mark Burke has one of those!” So what did she get instead? A Gremlin! (google it.) Come on mom, you could have had a hot rod!

In their senior year of high school, my dad worked up the courage to ask my mom on a date to a concert, and the rest is history. They quickly fell in love and my dad sold his motorcycle to buy her engagement ring. He proposed overlooking the city lights of Minot, North Dakota and then they were married not long after they turned 18. Thirteen days after my dad’s 18th birthday to be exact.

And the best part? They are still just as in love today. This year will mark their 35th year of marriage. 35 YEARS. That is amazing!

Here’s to my parents. Wishing them many more years of happiness and love together. Love you!

Oh and P.S. Check out my dad’s sweet new tattoo!

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