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One of the very first steps of planning your wedding is the venue of course! Because I’m planning my own wedding right now, I understand that picking a venue is not only an important decision in your wedding planning, but that it can make or break your wedding theme. I’ve come up with some pointers on what to look for and consider before selecting your perfect wedding venue!

Size of the Room
This is an easy one. How many guests do you plan on having at the wedding? Does the wedding venue allow your number of guests? What is the maximum number of guests that the room holds? Consider having enough room to host your event, and all of the parts that are included. Is there enough room for dancing, the bouquet toss, the food, the bar, ect? Are the areas separate or together? Which would you prefer if you had a choice?

One thing that some brides don’t think about is privacy. How private is the venue on the day of the wedding? Some people may not care if the venue is open to the public during the time of the event, but it’s something to think about. Are there other events or weddings being held at the same time and location as your venue of choice? If so, ask how they will be separated. You don’t want to be hearing the Business Party singing karaoke next door.

Colors of the Room
This may or may not be a big deal to brides, but do the colors of the room compliment your wedding colors? If the colors clash, the venue may not be a great choice. This could make all of your hard work with wedding decorations go unnoticed if the carpets are shag brown and your color theme is black and white.

How’s the parking situation? Will guests have to park 2 blocks away and walk or is there parking service provided with your venue fees? Make sure to make other arrangements for grandma and grandpa if the parking is too far away.

Backup Plan
If your venue is located outside, do they have a backup plan for unruly weather? If so, what does the backup area look like? Most of the time, you won’t have to worry about using the backup plan, but worst case scenario..would you be ok with having your wedding in the reserved backup location?

These are a few of the helpful tips that I thought about when selecting our wedding venue. Most importantly, do you see yourself getting married in this location? Only you can answer that question.

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