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The First Look: A wedding trend that is becoming the new tradition. Many couples ask us if they should do a first look, and while we always share the pros and cons on the subject, we always let the couples choose their final decision on the matter.


Still unsure if you want to go the first look route? Here’s some insight from the professionals that you may not have thought of:

First of all, what is a first look?

A first look is when you and your (soon to be) spouse see each other for the first time before the ceremony in an intimate and memorable moment. We always set up the scene, but don’t direct, so that we can capture the most raw and natural emotions that come from this special time. We always capture the reactions of both people, so that you can cherish that moment when you first saw each other.

What are the benefits? 

It’s more intimate!

A first look creates a special moment, shared just between the two of you. It allows for no distractions, it creates wonderful memories, and allows you to slow down your wedding day, even just for a few minutes. We limit the people in attendance to just the two of you (and us from a distance) so that you can focus on one another…not your friends peaking around the corner. This will be the only time you two are alone together until the end of the night- cherish it!

You can enjoy your cocktail hour!

When you do a first look, all of your “posed” photos are done before the ceremony, which means you get to party with your friends and family during the cocktail hour! It really makes the wedding day feel like a wedding once the ceremony starts, as we don’t have to pull you away from the event to capture photos after everything gets started! This also leaves extra wiggle room in the schedule for any additional portraits you may want (hello sunset photos!)

Raccoon Eyes??!

Afraid you might ugly cry the first time you see one another? No worries here…you can show your true emotion, crying and all! Just get your makeup touched up before we move on to portraits! It also gives you extra time to freshen up before the ceremony!

You get to have a conversation!

One of my favorite parts of a first look (even from personal experience!) is that you actually get to have a conversation with one another. Let’s be honest. The morning has probably already been a whirlwind, making you even more nervous for one of the biggest days in your life. After you see one another, you get to have a conversation with your loved one instead of just a smile to them during a ceremony. 9 out of 10 times, couples tell us that they are much more relaxed and ready for the day once they have seen each other. Now you can conquer the day together!

But will I still feel emotion when I’m walking down the aisle?

OF COURSE! Why? Because both moments are completely different. Nothing can ever replace seeing your loved one at the end of the aisle. You are just moments away from officially becoming a married couple in front of your friends and family, and nothing compares to the anticipation felt along with that moment! In fact, we’ve even seen grooms cry at a first look and again when he gets a glimpse of his gorgeous bride walking down the aisle towards him.

I don’t want to do a first look with my future spouse, but can I set up a first look with my father?

Absolutely! We also love this moment! It can always be heartfelt and lovely when a father sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. We are always happy to set up a special first look!

Still prefer tradition?

No problem! Many people choose to wait to see one another until the ceremony, and that’s perfectly fine!  Whether it’s for religious or personal reasons, the traditional look down the aisle is always a moment to remember, and we capture it no matter if you did a first look or not!


I know making the decision to do a first look or not is a tough one, don’t sweat it too much! Either way, your day is going to be absolutely amazing and everything you hoped for!


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